KuKirin G2 Pro Electric Scooter Official Accessories(All)

Parts & Accessories:  Controller (A)
🔋 48V 10Ah Battery
🕤45kph Max. Speed
⚡45 km per charge
⚙️500W Powerful motor
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Easy to replace - easy to install. If necessary, you can contact us for technical support. KuKirin electric scooter after-sales video station:


The Kirin G2Pro has been upgraded to optimize the function parameter settings based on customer feedback. To distinguish them, we have divided them into KugooKirin G2Pro and KuKirin G2Pro two versions.
The KugooKirin G2Pro and KuKirin G2Pro have four parts that are different and incompatible: the display dashboard, the electric door lock, the controller, and the light board module.

Kirin G2Pro, Kirin G2 Max Tire composition introduction:
Front-wheel = front wheel hub + pneumatic rubber inner tube + tire.
Rear-wheel = motor + pneumatic rubber inner tube + tire.